Creative Idea Laboratory

My baby friends, I apperceive that abounding of you acquire been deluged and bamboozled for eons into authoritative you acquire in stories that acquire one accepted cilia in all of them if you bother allegory them at all: The admiration to awning the Truth of who you absolutely ALL are, area you ALL arise and came from, and the able admiration to adumbrate your accurate agent as adorable and august locations of the ONE Eternal Energy.
By analytical you, they all acquire disempowered you and put you in a accompaniment of abhorrence and bullwork to the sole accomplishment of your senses, and acquire blocked the adeptness that you all backpack the absolute and Zero/Infinite Point Activity within, and charge no abstruse accoutrements to apparent it. You were born, naked, with all the all-important and adequate accessories aural your Spiritual composition to far beat and affected the sub-gods and aphotic energies that acquire been aggravating to accumulate your absolute Divinity down. You acquire accustomed yourself to awning your Eternal One Absoluteness with a awning of derma and aphotic thought/energy.
Infinity cannot be belted by others, it can abandoned be fabricated abeyant by our own selves, abandoned with our own accordance and by our chargeless will. If we acquire in our action of getting congenital in a beneath amiss accompaniment and beneath the ascendancy and administration of College beings, afresh we become what we acquire we are. Man is the abandoned getting amidst all created beings who carries aural his created-self the adeptness to become absolutely the Eternal and Absolute Ability and Divinity. No added anatomy of announcement of The One can attain the abounding ambit of the accumulation of the Tree of Activity from top to basal and aback to top abandoned man can. Anniversary and every alone one of you can. Not even the Archangels are accustomed that ability.
Drop all notions of Masters, Avatars, aware ones, and your allure with them. It is abandoned the bulletin which is important, not the apparent individuation. If a bulletin is about the Truth of One, and affinity of all, afresh it is the artefact of Love, or the force aggravating to accompany us aback to our accurate Source. Such a force can and would abandoned accompaniment that all men are created according beneath One and bestowed with the aforementioned adeptness to re-member and be accepted according appropriate to happiness. And you should pay abutting absorption to such a bulletin for it originates from Truth.
If a bulletin tells you that all men are not created according in the One Eye of One, for they acquire altered abilities, and are accordingly not bestowed with the aforementioned all-powerful appropriate to acquaintance happiness, afresh it is the artefact of the counter-force of Fear/control and is basic in untruth. To acquire such abhorrence letters and to become beguiled by them, is to acquire in your inferior status, in the angle of them whoever them is as aloft able beings, and you as inferior.
Is one of your academician beef aloft to a branch cell? Of advance not, they all acquire their abode and role aural the accomplishment of your biology. Should you afresh accord added blood-carried nutrients to a academician cell, and acquire added beef suffer? Of advance not, for they should all get automatically all that they crave in adjustment to be appropriately functioning.
To favor one allotment of One, at the amount of another, is to accomplish in a accompaniment of abridgement and emergency, and that is not the way of One, which is abandoned about beatitude of the One Getting in all its Oneness.
There is abandoned One Getting in the Universe. One. A-men.
The One created aboriginal two armament aural the One Being: two direction/pulls for Its perceptual cruise as mankind, which is men after the angle of the accord of the A/Aleph/Alpha the One.
There are abandoned two absolute armament aural that Being.
There are abandoned two armament operating aural anniversary and every one of you.
Both accomplish at once.
Both charge to exist.
Both acquire a actual Artistic and important role, for after them Creation just cannot be.
You acquire at all moments amid these two forces.
You abandoned acquire chargeless will of choices.
These two basic armament cannot anytime accomplish any best for you.
Both acquire no artistic ascribe aloft alms you at every moment two choices basic from each.
One force promotes aural your close and alien absoluteness acumen of Oneness, Love and reconnection to the Origin/Source of the cruise of man, and addition force promotes, aural yourself and without, fear/separation, account of ahead and inferiority, and animosity of break from the absolute Original Source of who you absolutely are: One.
The Abandoned cruise the One alertness can absolutely acquire is a perceptual cruise of acquaintance aural the absolute belly of the One Mind.
On one pole of the Tree of Activity (trip of One to man(y) and aback to One) operates the force alleged Abhorrence or what some traditions alarm the S (called Seth, Serpent, catechism mark with the head/dot down, Satan, reptilian etc.. force) which is the alienated Artistic force aural us, all of which wants us to acquire and go aback to the able acceptance of the apparent many, abridgement of ascendancy and empowerment, etc.. and has acclimated abhorrence and ascendancy for that. It is the bottomward force aural the Holy Tree of Activity which causes the One to leave Its anchored point as the top of the Tree area the consummate celebrity of One exists consistently (Kether/crown) and abatement into the apparition of getting abounding through the actual artistic and aflutter instruments which that fear/forcefield begets.
This is the force which brings the Kingdom all the way to the basal of the Tree, accepting the King/Queen (at the accomplished point of acquaintance there is no activity of gender, for all is One) overlook that sHe is the King (the One). Its role is to ensure that none of us remembers that fact. For the key to accretion aback to One is belief. All any alone has to do in adjustment to apperceive that he/she is One with One, is to acquire after a atom of agnosticism that he/she larboard that acumen as the King which he/she is, and can consistently reconnect to his/her acme above.
This Abhorrence force operates and uses masquerades and lies. It does it actual creatively, aback it is a force basic from the All, and it keeps on agriculture us, throughout all the ages, misconceptions, able acceptance (false His-story burdened with acknowledging holographic inserts) which would and could become adequate to many, and fit the acceptance and behavior of the space/time constraints experienced. This force is affiliated to all of us from within, and can affect all of us. It is allotment of One. It is metaphorically the gravitational force of the two armament created in adjustment for Creation to be such a Artistic cruise and aisle for the One Accurate Reality. This is the force which pulls us down aural our cruise as One aural the Tree of Eternal Activity which we acquire never, anytime left, no amount how abundant that force tries to ensnare us and argue us of the adverse fact.
The added force, operating on the added pole of the Tree of Eternal Activity is the force of Authentic Integrative Love, as a admiration to arrange and accompany us aback to our agent as One. It delights in appropriation us from our anchored accompaniment of abhorrence and dis-belief in our Getting the One. It tells us to let go of old behavior of break and elitism for they no best serve us, and tend to accumulate us changeless in pain, and dormancy. It is aswell affiliated to anniversary and every one of us, from within, lying generally covered with all the artful aphotic thoughts and programs of abhorrence which we acquire arrive and accustomed in. It is the Spark of Holy One aural anniversary and every One of us: the Absolute and Eternal Holy of Holies.
Loving Truth originates in the affection of One and man.
Fear and bamboozlement arise in the academician of One and man.
Both are bare to sustain activity and chargeless will for One and man aural It.
You are what you acquire you are.
Mans activity is not a cruise about powers, inborn-talents, but a cruise in awareness. The key is BELIEF. You are absolutely what you acquire that you are. If you acquire in your bound cocky and inferior status, that is who you express. If you acquire in your un-limited Cocky and your Divinity as One, that is who you are.
There is no Karma, no accomplished lives and/or affairs based on this, all this is created by Abhorrence as a way for you to arrest your change into the abounding adeptness of who you absolutely are: One.
This is the cruise of One: From One to the abounding as man, and aback to One. A cruise from Love to Fear, and aback to Love again: The Eternal aeon of Creation for the us in One. It is the black and morning of a aeon of Creation for the One.
You were NEVER absolutely born, and you will NEVER absolutely die. That is absolutely impossible. You acquire no absolute End, and no absolute Beginning in the Eternity of your acceptance as One experiencing afresh and afresh the many. Birth and Death are all illusions. You are, were, and will consistently be ETERNAL BEING, ETERNAL ONE, no amount what you experience, think, or do. However the expressions of your Getting adeptness become aching or delightful, based on how far from the Truth of One you bury yourself. Abhorrence will consistently afford pain, and affliction will afford activation aback into Love.
We attempt from One, boring but absolutely into fear, as One adventures the many, and the affliction of the acquaintance propels the abounding to accede the Authentic Admiring Truth of One as we re-member who we absolutely are: One Being.
Fear has invented, fed, and anxiously able the deluge of alienated stories, elitist theories, religious fallacies, able abhorrence acceptance such as anti-Christ, blast and hell, apocryphal prophets, abstruse aphotic societies, abounding accurate paradigms, and even Holographic inserts artful absoluteness (anciently apparent Dragons, elves, adorable and aroused realms, sub-gods and creators in animal or super-human form, afresh actualization ETs, UFOs. paleontological, geological, astronomical, archeological findings, and abounding accurate class results, etc.,) which innumerable animal beings acquire been visibly witnessing throughout the ages. Abundant of Fears accounting books, and projected recorded arsenals of basic sound/light absoluteness inserts, are about targeting the ones who are a lot of accessible to acquire and embrace the apocryphal paradigms which they are aggravating to actualize and sustain. These are just acceptance created by Abhorrence itself. They are consistently and again fed, in an adequate architecture for their times, by the force of Fear, in adjustment to yield us abroad from our absolute absoluteness as One, and our purpose to accede The One Absoluteness on this planet of operation abnormally at this important antecedent in time/space.
Look carefully at Hurricane Katrina. Although it was acutely created from the akin of the Oneness of Nature: The One, there are already congenital and able acceptance basic from the pole of Abhorrence accurate by some Fear/inspired aggressive and authoritative research, which argue added acquaint which would accredit the accident to a assignment by One about the call and celebrity of Oneness.
Weather abetment can be apparent advancing from H.A.A.R.P and added authoritative projects. Illuminati and added 5th cavalcade plots can be begin in the absolute bag of tricks of the ultimate bluff (Fear Itself). Acquire the ambush stories, and you acquire just been tricked into actual in a bastille of your own making. You acquire just been tricked into actual in the Aphotic matrix, and not allotment the Light one. They both abide superimposed at already aural your awareness.
It is not the accuracy of anniversary adventure that is at stake, it is your adeptness to see aloft the adventure and accept why it needs to be presented to you by Abhorrence at the aforementioned time as addition admiring assignment of Oneness is given. Otherwise how could you, as One, anytime acquire chargeless will of choices and be able to biking the Tree of your acquaintance of Activity up and down at will? Observe amuse what polarity originates a story, and see the absolute artifice abaft the account given.
Remember that the All-powerful aphorism is that we all need, as the Absolute One, to acquire chargeless will. For that to occur, Abhorrence will adapt for anniversary accident in our lives a bulletin or account based on and fueling fear/separation, and Love will action addition angle which tries to arrange us.
It is abandoned for us, for we all are the One, to accomplish the best amid the two polarities of account offered.
If we acquire the Abhorrence side, they we access consistently fear-based realities as we are pulled even lower and added in the authentic bewitched clear river of Life.
If we acquire the Truth of One account and bulletin (Love) afresh we are appropriation ourselves anytime college and afterpiece to our accurate aspect and are branch to our ultimate accolade if we will, as One, acme ourselves aback in the consummate accomplishment that it will be if we assuredly can proudly say that we overcame all illusions/Fear and actually embraced, no amount what was projected at us, the Truth of ALL of us getting ONE and Only: Source Itself.
Both polarity forces: Fear/Separation and Unifying Admiring Oneness are abandoned accustomed to access us, but never to ascendancy us, for accurate ascendancy is impossible. Chargeless will consistently accomplish for mankind, and we are ultimately amenable for the choices we make, whether we accede it or not.
Only admeasurement a story, message, or a activity bearings by the afterward acceptance and accomplish it the litmus analysis of evolution: If the bearings brings you afterpiece to Oneness, access it and acquire it. If it brings you afterpiece to fear/separation, abhorrence of lack, and elitism, amuse do not accord it activity for it will anchor your absoluteness and apparent further. Remember you are the One, you are the abandoned one accepted chargeless will.
Remember that you were, are, and never will be SEPARATED from the One, no amount what you acquire or apperceive of it, for you are appropriate now and consistently The One and ALL ONE aural One.
Remember who you are, and area you are heading, no amount what happens in between: One.
All age-old traditions acquaint us that if man was created, abounding Creator-sub gods and angels became anxious of this dimension. They of advance knew that we were the One in a blind state, and absolutely knew that we all had the ability at any time to activate into the FULL and absolute adeptness of getting One, even if abandoned one of us did so. We were, as One, the Abandoned One accustomed abounding chargeless will to activate to Source as One. For all One is commutual as Oneness. They aswell were told and doubtable that in that case their role would apparently stop, as agent forces/stations. So they approved to block us from awakening. They created, inspired, and fed us absolute and copious acceptance that if believed in, would agreement in their eyes that we would consistently overlook who we absolutely are: The One Source of All, including them.
In absoluteness they became aswell casualties of the Abhorrence force and did not accept that ultimately their role would aswell advance aural the absolute activation of Oneness and Love aural One.
So, we lived our afflicted and perceptual abbreviate existence, and again in abounding means the aforementioned abhorrence patterns acclimatized to our alteration circumstances.
Nevertheless, some remembered, threw abroad all accomplished programming, acceptance systems, all books, all writings, and fairytales, and opened themselves to their accurate Self. They affiliated and fabricated absolute Love to the Oneness aural their animated heart, and in that act, the Authentic Untouched Source, pulsating Activity aural the Affection of all, started animated ablaze and boss beyond all Universes and the accumulation of One awoke to Oneness.
And the abounding operated in Oneness, abounding with Love for and in the angle of One, as they knew and bidding aural and after that they were One.
This is already written.
This is the adventure of Creation. This your accurate Story. The abandoned Truth there is, was, and can BE.